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For over a decade, HRCS has provided contract human resources services to a variety of industries, within the Fortune 1000 ranks.  Contract human resources Consultants provided by HRCS are experienced experts within their field.

Contract human resources Consultants are project managed and trained to focus on controlling costs while delivering exceptional project results to our Clients. 
Contract Recruiters provided by HRCS have filled over 10,000 jobs while achieving a single digit COST per HIRE and efficient TIME to FILL Ratios.

Tenure in the industry coupled with an extensive database of experienced Contract human resources Professionals affords HRCS the knowledge and ability to effectively staff HR Projects.

Besides utilizing Contract human resources from HRCS to fulfill HR Project requirements, many HRCS Clients utilize Contract HR to facilitate their in-house evaluation of a candidate before a direct hire.

For additional information on Contract human resources services provided by HRCS, please see our website located at or contact us at (310)235-2880.